don’t cry for me argentina i’m already dead

u may be familiar with the phrase “eat my dust” but did u kno that my cat literally eats dust

hobbies include changing the lyrics of songs so they’re relevant to my cat

if i leave the block on pause for too long it starts playing on its own i can’t ignore my fans i have to watch it


spring has sprong

my thoughts are all in scott cam’s voice

chris and jenna are actual angels wtf

i dont remember how long ive been watching the block for

fuck mtv and their stupid “im sixteen and my life sucks” shows bc their bedrooms always look cool as shit

"Up the duff" makes me think of "up the spout" and then I think of incy wincy so basically I associate pregnancy with spiders

(My life is so stagnant!!!!!!!)

Help me my son is emo

Help me my son is a monster

Archie fucking loves chewing on wool he’s like a 13 year old kid who chews on the strings of his avenged sevenfold hoodie

kflac @ Brendan Fraser until my hand falls off