recap of my day:

i had bus problems and thought i’d miss my assessment but it turned out okay except i had to stand in the rain how shit and then i did badly in my assessment even tho i studied like more than i’ve ever studied for anything before so i had a cry at the tram stop and the guy next to me totally knew i was having a sook and then when i got home i got mad at my cat and accidentally locked myself in my study (bc the door handle doesn’t work from the inside) and i was the only one home so i was trapped for like two hours and then mum called and said her car had a flat battery and she didn’t know what time she’d be home to rescue me

how cool is the word ethmoid


I can’t blink

day #35 in the lana and danbutt house


we’re still munted and laughing at that sugababe in the round round video who had fuckin croissant hair

"drinking up with the cuntdashians" us sitting around in fur coats and saying hunty a lot

"Munted in Melbourne" and it’s us getting drunk in a park

I’m gonna buy a gopro and start filming webisodes of us getting trashed and being dickheads we can call it Dan and Lana Get Shitfaced

we’re going to be actual internet sensations

big brother but the only ppl in the house are me and danbutt and it’s just us getting drunk and laughing at memes

can you get me on there too? can the show be about us getting fucking wasted every day?

omg literally tho

i think its my destiny to be on at least one reality tv show

why the fuck are bed sheets/linen/whatever so expensive i dont think ive ever bought sheets that weren’t like 70% off bc full price is like $95 for a single pillow case


a changed man

who knew such a small cat  could do such big poos

Dilfs tho

Bring back amity